Berner Love Benefit Guidelines & Application

We all work hard to keep our dogs healthy, but when unexpected circumstances arise, it is both an emotional and financial strain to see a beloved dog through a major disease or injury. The Berner Love Benefit is designed provide financial help to full BMDCGTC members in good standing who are faced with extraordinary veterinary costs for care of their purebred Bernese Mountain Dog.

Who Is Eligible? Any Full Member of the BMDCGTC in good standing, as defined by the club by-laws, who owns a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. In the case of co-ownership, the dog must reside with the co-owner paying the healthcare bills at the time of diagnosis and that co-owner must be a Full Member of the BMDCGTC club in good standing. (Associate Members are not eligible).

Financial Assistance One-time financial assistance is available up to $1,500 per dog per lifetime, reimbursed to the eligible owner or co-owner

Expenses Covered Assistance will cover costs associated with the sudden on-set of a medical condition or injury once expenses exceed $2,000. The award of a grant, and the amount awarded, is based this criteria, the availability of funds, and/or the discretion of the Berner Love Benefit committee, after reviewing your application.

Expenses Not
The fund does not reimburse routine medical costs such as yearly check-ups, vaccinations, spaying, neutering, OFA hip or elbow x-ray or eye certification, DNA testing or costs and procedures associated with breeding programs and processes, or those required by a breeder as part of a contract.

How To Apply Download and complete the fillable PDF application, along with any supporting documentation requested on the application, and follow the instructions to e-mail or mail it to the current club representative listed on the application.