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Happy Endings

Maggie was a mistress of disguise and many faces! At first she appeared to be a slightly shy, tick infested, emaciated girl from a shelter when we first picked her up. However at the first opportunity she proved to be an incredibly fast runner who bolted and disappeared. Rescue spent 10 days long hot exhausting days searching the area. Have you ever tried to find a scared dog when you don’t even know her name? Luckily she kept to a fairly small territory and the neighborhood she was hiding in was full of wonderful dog-loving folks!

Maggie was finally caught with a LIVE wolf trap (looks like a large wire crate) in the back yard of a wonderful family’s yard. The home owner had spotted her in the past days, and called to tell us we could use his land to catch her. After putting up the trap and baiting it we drove off and wondered what we would catch – a raccoon, a neighborhood cat, or even a skunk! Luckily at 2 am the homeowner called to tell us we had caught her just hours after we had baited the trap. He stayed with her to calm her, till 2:30am when we arrived. The next day after a trip to the vet clinic for a good cleaning up and examination she came home for fostering and evaluation. That was when Waggie Maggie finally showed her true self to us. Within an hour of being in the house she was giving us full circle wags with her tail and following us everywhere. She found our dogs toys and started tug of war with our 1 year old BMD. I laughed so hard the first time I fed her and she looked over at my two BMDs and very delicately picked up her entire bowl in her mouth and carried it across the room and set it down as far away as she could get and proceeded to eat. She turned out to be a true snuggle bug who couldn’t stand to be away from people. We gave her the loving care and attention she needed and obviously craved, and within weeks she was adopted by a young couple who re-named her Harriet. She has become a lovely pet who enjoys going to work with her new owners, playing with her golden retriever brother and walking the Lakes - ON LEASH!!!

Diesel came to us on Labor Day weekend. Crystal Hoffman was kind enough to drive all the way to Doon Iowa - 4 hours EACH WAY - to pick him up. He was originally used for breeding and spent his entire 3 years in a kennel. The owners gave him up when he started showing signs of hip dysplasia. Diesel was extremely skittish, and had never been in a home, socialized and definitely NOT potty trained. Craig and Theresa Schwarten took him in for over 8 weeks. During that time they trained him, and got him used to being inside and around people. They showed him how to have a Happy-Berner life. With all their care, attention and training, he became an adoptable dog, and was adopted by a generous couple who have taken in abused dogs in the past. A Big Thanks to those who went above and beyond with Diesel. I’m sure he would thank them if he could!