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The information we provide on our health & safety pages is reliable but not guaranteed. It is for informational purposes only and the BMDCGTC assumes no liability for its use.
Any advice or suggestions presented here should NOT take the place of proper and/or necessary veterinarian care.
Welcome To Our Health & Safety Pages!
Keeping our dogs healthy and safe is a multifaceted endeavor that covers a wide variety of topics. And, it is with the goal of assisting you that the BMDCGTC offers these pages, stories, documents and links. We hope that they will prove helpful to you!

We also encourage you to:
Have some form of permanent identification for your dog such as a microchip, tattoo, etc.

Discuss current vaccination and treatment protocols with your veterinarian - especially if your dogs' health is already compromised.

Keep an open line of communication between owners and breeders so that health, temperament and accomplishments for the dog can be shared.

Enter your dog and update their information in Berner-Garde. It takes less time then you may think and benefits owners, breeders and health researchers in more ways than can be provided in this brief space. www.bernergarde.org

Educate yourself on the symptoms and signs of the health issues common to the breed.

And - Never be afraid to ask questions! The health and safety of your dog may depend on it.
Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Breed Health & Safety: Issues, Tests, Tools & Resources
As owners or individuals just starting to learn about the breed we share a common goal--the desire to help our dog(s) live a long and happy life. There are many things, however, that will contribute to and influence just how successful we will be in actually achieving this. In 2 of the sections further below you will find our full lists of Health & Safety related documents and links but in this section we strive to give you access to the MUST HAVE information about health and safety as it relates to the Bernese Mountain Dog.

In Health & Safety Issues you will find information about the challenges you may one day face. These are the known health issues of the breed and also important safety information.

Tests will provide information on the recommended assessments to be done on a Bernese Mountain Dog at various points during their life.

Under Tools we have provided you access to the Berner-Garde database. This wonderful tool will allow you to (1) research breeders and lines of dogs you are considering and (2) help improve the health of the breed and increase longevity by contributing information on your own Berner.

Finally, we give you a reference section to assist you in learning more.

Personal Health Related Stories
There are many web pages devoted to the various health problems facing the Bernese Mountain Dog and other breeds. The diseases themselves are the focus, and some times the discussion becomes too clinical. We can lose sight of that which binds us so strongly to this breed - the dog itself.

Through this section of the website, we hope to share our stories of our dogs, to help potential and current Berner owners understand both the health issues facing the breed as well as how deeply these dogs affect us. The dogs mentioned here all belonged to members of BMDCGTC.
Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Health & Safety Documents
Most of the health & safety related documents that you will find here have originally been compiled as handouts for a BMDCGTC event /class or distributed as informational notices. While currently this is a small group of documents the number will continue to grow and it's nice to know that they will be available to anyone that finds them to be helpful.

Health & Safety Links
Sometimes doing a web search can be a bit frustrating - especially if it's when we are looking for information because our dog is facing a health challenge of some sort. We start out thinking it will be easy to find information on the topic we're interested in and instead get lots of things we didn't want or there are so many similar items that we don't know which one to choose and start opening them all...

With this is mind we have gathered together links to the health and safety websites and pages that we have found to be the most useful. After all, why spend your time searching when you could be spending it enjoying time with your dog instead!
Health and Safety