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Health & Safety Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my BMD is over or under weight?
One way to tell if a BMD is the correct weight is to feel their ribs. At the proper weight the ribs should feel like the back of your knuckles when your hand is relaxed. To thin would be if the ribs feel like your knuckles when you make a fist and obese is if you can't feel the ribs. Overweight would be the in between area of correct weight and obese. There are many good benefits to keeping our dogs the correct weight so you might want to feel the ribs on your dog every week. It is much easier to keep them at the correct weight then it is to get them to lose weight.

Why is the average life span shorter than the expected life span?
The Bernese Mountain Dog faces a variety of genetic and environmental issues that can directly affect how long they may live. The cancers are often aggressive, bloat is almost always fatal and there are numerous other diseases and health issues to be aware of when you are considering or living with the Bernese. Check out our Health and Safety pages to learn more about the specific health concerns of the breed.