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Health & Safety Documents

The documents below are in PDF or Word format. Click on the document to open, or right click to save to your computer.

Health and Breed Research

Learn how to use this great database for research on breeders, to learn about the parents of a puppy you are considering and more. Entering information on your own dog is fast and easy! The information we share with this database, on show and companion dogs

Health Issues

Bloat can very quickly become deadly. It is important to contact your Vet as soon as possible if you suspect bloat. This Guide is informational only and if you aren't sure then it is best to seek medical attention for your dog.

Health Resources

This article is an overview of Laser Treatments for animals.
This document is an overview of the benefits of Chiropractic Care for our dogs and other animals.

Pet Safety

Holidays present additional challenges for keeping our pets safe. This 2 page handout highlights some of the items we should keep in mind.