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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Greater Twin Cities (BMDCGTC) welcomes new members to join our club as we work together to support responsible care and breeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog, and continually educate our members, and the community at large, about the unique qualities of our beloved breed.

From novice owners and pet lovers, to experienced breeders and accomplished show participants, you'll find something for everyone at the many club events and social activities throughout the year.

The Club offers two types of membership: Full and Associate. Dues for full membership are $25 per year for a family (2 votes), $15 per year for an individual (1 vote) and $10 per year for associate membership (no voting rights). There is a one time non-refundable application fee of $7.50 for both types of application. All members receive the club newsletter which is published every other month.

Full Members gain many privileges, including discounted fees for club educational seminars, the ability to vote on important decisions affecting the club and sponsor new members, and the opportunity to get involved as a member of a committee or as a committee leader, or serve as a club officer on the board. Full members are eligible for awards from the Berner Health Benefit Fund.

Associate Members may attend club meetings and social events and serve on committees with the approval of the Board. Associate Members do not have voting rights, may not serve on the Board and are not eligible for awards from the Lucy Fund.

To apply for membership please read our Club Constitution and download and complete the appropriate Membership Application and Code of Conduct. All applicants must be endorsed by two unrelated Full Members in good standing not of the same household. Only members in good standing for two or more consecutive years of membership may endorse an applicant. This endorsement should be signified by obtaining the signatures of these members on the sponsorship lines on the application. All applications are good for one year from date of receipt by the Club Secretary.

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