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Lost Dogs

Create a flyer for the pet you have lost or found (Other choices are also available in the drop down list). Just fill in the blanks, upload your photo and decide if you want contact strips at the bottom by clicking on a check box. NOTE: The Description space is great for any additional information such as the last seen at cross streets, additional info on what the pet looks like, etc.
Losing your dog is traumatic and overwhelming for everyone involved. But remember, time is of the essence so there's no sense wasting time assigning blame. Accidents happen, the most important task now is concentrating on finding your lost dog and getting the word out.
Lost Dogs-MN is an all volunteer group committed to reuniting owners with their lost dogs. This service is provided free to dog owners, shelters/rescues and animal control professionals.
Lost Dogs Of Wisconsin is a group of volunteers who saw the need to provide free resources to the owners of lost dogs to increase their chances of locating their dog. The program also benefits local animal control and shelters by decreasing the number of “owned strays” entering the animal control/shelter system and increasing the chances of finding an owner once the dog is in their care.