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There are many web pages devoted to various health problems facing the Bernese Mountain Dogs, and other breeds. The diseases themselves are the focus, and some times the discussion becomes too clinical. We can lose sight of that which binds us so strongly to this breed — the dog itself.

Through this section of the website, we hope to share our stories of our dogs, to help potential and current Berner owners understand both the health issues facing the breed as well as how deeply these dogs affect us. The dogs mentioned here all belonged to members of BMDCGTC.

Crosby's Story "Toxic Blue-Green Algae"

It happened very quickly and although many skilled hands were involved trying to save him, there was nothing they could do. The tests all showed normal physiology and blood-work, when he was still alive, and the autopsy was inconclusive.

This is how we lost our boy. Most of you know Crosby (A.K.A. The Hamburgler) as the forever-optimistic Berner gazing longingly at his hamburger... READ MORE >>


Panda's Story - "Misdiagnosed Malignant Histio"


The patient walks in to the medical center — neutered male Bernese Mountain Dog, 8 years old, 10% weight loss over the previous six months, lethargy, enlarged spleen on ultrasound. Only two words possibly come to mind — malignant histiocytosis. ...READ MORE >>

Magnum's Story - "Bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus)"


If you own a Berner, you no doubt have heard the term "bloat" or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV). Most will regard it with some fear and will have read about it when researching getting a puppy. But how much do you really know about it...READ MORE >>