About the Club

What does the club do?

  • Our club activities range from informal Berner get-togethers, to in-depth seminars on a topic pertinent to dog or Berner ownership. 
  • We strive to provide opportunities for people who simply want to learn more about the breed or wish to learn more about breed health concerns, or gain awareness of breed health research, as well as provide exposure to AKC-events that may be of interest to you.
  •  We also provide specific learning opportunities for our members.  Club events always provide opportunities for human-mingling, meeting other dogs and asking questions if you are new to the breed or interested in getting help finding a reputable breeder.
  • We have formal club meetings at least six times per year in addition to educational seminars and informal get-togethers. 
  • All club events are listed on our website www.twincitiesbmd.org.

As defined in the BMDCGTC Constitution and By-laws:

The objects of the Club shall be:

  • To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection

Club History

In early days of the club, there were not a lot of people who were breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs (BMD’s) and therefore weren’t a lot of local owners of BMD’s.  Club gatherings were limited to a relatively small group of folks, but their common purpose for gathering and forming a club was their love of the breed. 

Those early years that defined the club were not that much different than what the club is like today.  Members join today for the same reason they did nearly 20 years ago—a shared love and interest in the breed.

The club has grown from that handful of dedicated Berner fanciers to an organization of many members from the Midwest.  The club reaches many more people interested in the breed through our website and social media presence.

What does membership in the club offer?

Whether you own a Bernese Mountain Dog, are trying to determine if a Berner would be a good addition to your family, hoping to find information on how to locate reputable breeders, or simply want to get together with other like-minded dog owners, the club has something to offer you!

For a very small annual fee club members receive:

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Greater Twin Cities welcomes new members to join our club as we work together to support responsible care and breeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog, and continually educate our members, and the community at large, about the unique qualities of our beloved breed.

From novice owners and pet lovers, to experienced breeders and accomplished show participants, you’ll find something for everyone at the many club events and social activities throughout the year.