Paul Bryan – Berner Rescue Memorial

Paul spent years hand splitting wood for BernerGarden’s WinterFest parties. His sidekick, Crosby, would hang out with him for hours and watch dad do all the work. 

Our dogs held a very special place in Paul’s heart. He loved all animals and especially any cross-species animal friendship stories. Paul spent some time working with a rescue shelter in White Bear Lake and had a soft spot for the unwanteds.

Dad’s memory can live on if you’d like to contribute to our Berner Rescue Fund. 100% of your gift will go toward re-homing Berners to give them a second chance on their Forever Home. Dad would love that. If you don’t have the funds to give or if you already contribute elsewhere, he’d like if you stopped on the street and patted a random dog on the head and tell them it was from Paul.

Thanks in advance,

Rick & Coleen